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Holyrood / Scottish Parliament Holiday Rentals

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Property owner typically means…
  • Verification of owner name and address via valid credit card
  • Direct & personal contact
  • Detailed rental knowledge
  • Flexible dates & rates
  • More options in smaller towns
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1 Holyrood / Scottish Parliament Rental
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Holyrood / Scottish Parliament
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  • Airport (0)
  • Broughton (20)
  • Bruntsfield (9)
  • Calton Hill (2)
  • Castle / Royal Mile / High St (39)
  • Corstorphine (2)
  • Cowgate (39)
  • Grassmarket (9)
  • Holyrood / Scottish Parliament (1)
  • Leith (8)
  • Murrayfield (0)
  • New Town (706)
  • Old Town (92)
  • South Side (27)
  • Stockbridge (15)
  • West End (21)
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Edinburgh Holiday Rentals

Scotland's capital city is a superb holiday destination for families interested in history, art and culture. Instead of paying a fortune for restricted hotel rooms, think about renting self-catering accommodation. Even if you don't stay in the city centre, Edinburgh's public transport system will put you within easy reach of the city's main attractions. You and your family will have more space to spread yourselves and relax. You will be able to organise your time just as you wish and enjoy your holiday all the more. It will be up to you whether to visit Edinburgh's restaurants or cook your own meals just when it suits you.

Edinburgh attractions

Edinburgh is particularly famous for its Royal Mile, where you can go on a ghost tour or visit the Edinburgh Dungeons. Don't miss Edinburgh Castle, which is the most popular attraction in Scotland. The climb up to Arthur's Seat is well worth it for the panoramic view at the top. The Royal Yacht Britannia, moored at Ocean Terminal, is a must for anyone interested in boats or the royal family. For art lovers there are the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art and the Dean Gallery, both set in beautiful parkland that features sculpture by Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. In all, Edinburgh has twenty-three museums, including the National War Museum and the Museum of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh holiday rentals for families

There are plenty of activities in Edinburgh to keep children entertained. For wildlife, visit Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World, or Edinburgh Zoo with its delightful penguin parade. In wet weather, children will enjoy the Museum of Childhood and the Scottish Storytelling Centre at John Knox House. Why not pay a visit to Our Dynamic Earth, where children can follow an interactive journey of the earth's history from the Big Bang to the present day. During the Edinburgh Festival there is plenty of street theatre aimed at children in particular. If you are visiting in December, the rides and ice-rink in Princes Street Gardens will provide amusement for all the family.

Saving money on Edinburgh holiday rentals

Like any other capital city, Edinburgh can be an expensive destination, but renting self-catering accommodation is a low-cost alternative to the city's hotels. Avoiding the month of August with the Edinburgh Festival will save even more money; visit in June or September when the weather can still be pleasant. We can offer you an excellent range of holiday rentals, from spacious flats to cottages on the outskirts of the city. Whatever you decide on, you can be assured of the very best in value when you book through us.