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  • Excellent food, beautifully presented
  • Explodes every sense!
Cuisines: European, Contemporary, International, Organic
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  • Delicious fine dining
  • Lovely garden setting
Cuisines: French
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  • Great beach club and good restaurant
  • Great place for an afternoon cocktail and swim!
Cuisines: International, Asian fusion
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  • This place never disappoints!!!
  • Jemme Yummy!!!
Cuisines: English, Contemporary
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  • Finding Kayuputi rescued our holiday...
  • amazing view and very good food
Cuisines: French, International, Asian fusion
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  • Great Food
  • Just gorgeous
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  • Best restaurant in ages! And I am notoriously difficult to please...
  • Fabulous,Brilliant with Amazing Food
Cuisines: Indonesian, Contemporary, Bar
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  • Mouth Watering Indonesian Cuisine
  • Fantastic restaurant, great food, wonderful service
Cuisines: Indonesian
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  • OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE- Catered for Large group booking
  • Great experience - make sure you visit!
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  • A Real Gem in Paradise!
  • First night in Ubud
Cuisines: Contemporary
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