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  • Perfect balance of comfort and environmental respect. A concerted and more than admirable effort to minimize the human impact on the environment and the land they so love.
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  • A Gem! Made to feel so welcome.
  • Fabulous place, fabulous people
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  • Hidden Gem - Home Away From Home
  • Beautiful property, excellent staff and service
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  • This is the place to relax in Esteli!
  • You Will Rarely Find a Place Like This!
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  • Home from home
  • Perfect!
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  • Perfect Slice of Relaxing Heaven
  • Best Food, Best Hosts, Beautiful rooms!
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  • No bed but awesome breakfast
  • Amazing food
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  • We really loved our stay at Casa del Agua! Definitely recommend it!
  • Relaxing, a good value, great location!
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  • Beautiful cabins in a fabulous setting
  • Gem in a Crater
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