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Czech Republic Visitors Guide

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Cycling Czech Canada
Cycling Czech Canada

Czech Canada as seen by bicycle through the eyes of an American, a Czech and a 13-year old.

From an historical perspective, this part of the Czech Republic is particularly interesting because it had...

Nova Bystrice - Cesky Rudolec
Nova Bystrice - Cesky Rudolec

This is a very quiet ride with an uphill or two and one nice big downhill; otherwise, it's pretty non-descript. Having said that, it is definately worth going out and seeing Cesky Rudolec. I think in...

Nova Bystrice/Alber-Slavonice
Nova Bystrice/Alber-Slavonice

In my opinion, this is family-friendly if your kids are just starting their teens. My son started this last year when he was 12 and hasn't had any problems with level of difficulty of the roads or...

Nova Bystřice/Albeř-Stare Mesto-Mařiž
Nova Bystřice/Albeř-Stare Mesto-Mařiž

This trip is mostly about the ride and the Mariz ceramics workshop. Unless you stop to look for mushrooms, there is not a lot in between the start and finish. There is a lot to look at, but not a lot...

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Three Days in Prague (viviandarkbloom, 10 Apr 2006)
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New Years Prague 2012/2013 (DEEPinPrague, 23 Dec 2012)
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Beer in Prague (JK01, 31 Mar 2007)
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