A car rental in New Orleans is only necessary if you plan to travel extensively outside of the downtown/French Quarter area, and there are some great road trips you can take in the region.  If you do choose to rent a car, there are plenty of options for doing so right at the airport, quick easy and fairly inexpensive.

      Either way, you're covered for transportation with or without a car in the French Quarter.  Transportation to and from the airport is a snap. There is lots of traffic in the Quarter for much of the day, enough to discourage most people from wanting to be behind the wheel. At some hotels, it can also be quite tiresome waiting for a parking valet to retrieve your car, since they often won't let you just go up and get it yourself.

     There are tons of horse-drawn carriages that make for a great little romantic or just plain fun ride.  Taxis are also everywhere in the French Quarter all day and night, and other popular options include the streecars that go toward the Garden District and elsewhere in the city, plus the smaller streetcar that runs on a straight line from one end of the French Quarter to the other.  This is also a great place for just plain walking. Many of the attractions, hotels and restaurants are close together in a fairly small radius, so if the weather is on your side and you're up for it, take advantage of that. Some of your best memories will be of walking through the French Quarter anyhow and coming across interesting and cool places.