Moab town has a great reputation as a tourist destination, it is however mainly a place to hang out for the adventurous younger generation. For some, less open minded, older folk it has much less appeal.  The scenery around Moab and its close proximity to  Arches National Park make it the obvious place to stay in the area. However the town is sometimes noisy, trucks pass through the town along the main highway,  souped up, large tyre off road vehicles parade up and down the street adding to the noise.  There appears to be little civic pride in Moab.  A few commercial properties do have garden beds or attractive street scape to enhance the town, but mostly they do not bother. Once one realizes that this town is located in a desert the lack of ornate landscaping makes more sense. For the older traveller expecting a pleasant town such as Sedona or Springdale near Zion N .P. there may be some disappointment. If given a chance and viewed with an open mind Moab's charms will become apparent.