The Wisconsin Dells area is a great place to visit. The natural beauty is very nice. Lake Delton, the Wisconsin River, the dam and all the hills and valleys are exciting. There are very many man made attractions over here. Duck rides, boat rides, Sky rides, roller coasters, go-carts, pee wee golf courses and on and on. There is a lot to do for the entire family.

There are some problems though, almost the whole area is expensive, the rides, the hotels, the food, the candy, everything. Sometimes the prices are shocking! The Wisconsin Dells Police are not visitor friendly and like to ticket and harass out of town visitors. They hide around the bars at night to look for out of town license plates to stop and arrest.  Recently, The Wisconsin Dells Police disgustingly abused some veterans.

Some of the hotels and motels are way past there prime and are not taken very good care of. On the flip side of this there has been a lot of activity lately with local bussiness buying up the older motels and fixing them up along with creating new and exciting new hotels and attractions in the area.

Wisconsin Dells has something to do for everyone. From go-karts to roller coasters, water parks with hugh wave pools, zip line tours threw the trees, duck rides (old world war two transport vehicles that can go on land and water) and mini golf are some of the great attractions in the area.

The nightlife in the area has increased with Marley's building a new resturant and the addition of Wett night club on the strip.

Recently, there have been several accidential injuries happening at some of the waterparks. Parents must watch their little children, when in the water, every second.

Surely, a good time can be had by the entire family, just be mindful of the above mentioned travel tips.