The public bus system in Missoula serves the surrounding community and the University of Montana campus with several routes to take locals, students and visitors to a variety of destinations. Fares are just $.85 for adults, senior and disabled fare is $.35 and the youth fare (under 18) is just $.25. You may pay for the ride when you get on the bus, or you can purchase a fare ticket at various retailers and outlets throughout Missoula.

Schedules, fare information and routes are also available on the Mountain Line Web site. Buses do not run on Sundays, and there is limited bus service on holidays. The service generally starts around 6am and runs until about 6:45pm. All buses are handicap accessible and feature bike racks for up to two bikes.

Taxicab service is available in Missoula, but it is a bit limited. It is difficult, if not impossible to hail a cab on the street. If you need a cab you’ll have to call for a car ahead of time, so plan ahead if you need a cab to go to a specific destination during the day. Likewise, plan ahead for the return trip, or if you’re heading out later at night or on Sundays as the bus service is extremely limited.