1. Hunt for the elusive Junonia shell and get your picture in the paper if you find one
  2. Family bike rides - whole island has bike paths.
  3. Go to Dairy Queen, the Bean or one of the other great ice cream places
  4. Sand games, castles
  5. Off Island but close:  Castle Miniature Golf on Gladioulus Drive; also closer (on San Carlos, going to Ft. Myers Beach): Jungle and Pirate Mini golf courses. Beach bowling alley is right there, too!
  6. Zoo in Naples   
  7. Red Sox or Twins game (March)
  8. Go to the Bubble Room Restaurant
  9. Visit the parrots outside of Jerry's Supermarket
  10. Take a boat ride- Dolphin, outer islands, wildlife tours. Private fishing/shelling charters available. Also kayaking on Captiva and Sanibel.
  11. Interactive exihibits at Ding Darling Visitor Center
  12. The terrific Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum
  13. Sanibel Sea School - 1/2 and whole day programs for children over 6 years of age.
  14. Periwinkle Trailer Park aviary on Periwinkle Way - more birds than Jerry's & has Lemurs, too! 
  15. Sanibel Recreation Center on SanCap Road 
  16. Take them to the beautiful new canopied playground across from the Bean on Periwinkle.
  17. Find some great shells on the beach and turn them into a bracelet, earrings,pendant or necklace at the Sanibel Bead Shop (across the street from Dairy Queen). The boys love their shark's teeth on leather cords!
  18. Sanibel Sea School www.sanibelseaschool.org