What makes Haulover Beach unusual in the context of United States Naturist beaches is that it is an official tax-supported PUBLIC nude beach.  That means lifeguards, police patrols, on-beach shower facilities, clean bathrooms, concessions (beach chair/umbrella, snack trucks, etc), and convenient parking. Unlike "unofficial" beaches you will not get hassled by police and you will not have to walk hundreds of yards along sometimes unsafe dirt paths to reach it.  It is safe, clean, and friendly. 

The parking lot closest to the beach, the North Lot bordering Sunny Isles, usually fills up by 11AM on weekends and holidays so get get there early if you plan to tote a lot of things onto the beach.  There is a tunnel connecting the lot to the beach so visitors don't have to cross busy Rte. A1A.  Even if this lot is full, there is another lot 300 yards further south along A1A with a connecting route to the North Lot and the beach so parking is rarely an issue.

You will find all sorts of people here: young & old, couples & singles, and families with children, literally a cross section of society.  The people tend to be friendly so don't be surprised if someone you do not know says hello.  You will find people from across the country as well as from overseas.  The area north of the main lifeguard tower is said to be principally gay/lesbian while the area to the South is said to be straight although this is far from a hard and fast rule.

As with all public beaches, lewd conduct is not allowed and the regulars do a good job of self-policing and reporting odd behavior to the lifeguards.  And as with all beaches you will find gawkers and walkers crossing the beach from the "vanilla" beaches North and South. 

The beach is well-known as clothing optional and although the vast majority (95%) of beach goers there are nude, you will always find a few people people in suits.  No one gives them a hard time.  If you are not comfortable in the presence of nudity, you should probably not visit here.