Dibba is a small coastal port offering exactly zero to discerning travelers. However just outsside Dibba, along the Fujeirah coast are a couple of wonderful surprises (if you're a diver that is). Three worthy hotels bath on the shoreline -  Rotana, Le meridien and JAL. The remianing hotels are overpriced, lack quality service and food is terrible. Dont succomb to special offers from them. They are terrible hotels - so just steer clear.

There are a number of good dive sites in the region. The Best is Dibba Rock - opposite Freestyle divers and close to the recommended hotels. In the past month  (July 2009) this place has become a hive of activity from Pelagic large fish and excellent visibility (15m). Expect to see plenty of small black tips, turtles, amazing coloured cuttle fish, usual suspects of tropical fish and - wait for it - a 20 minute swim with a 5m lazy Whale shark that appears periodically out of the blue.. Fantastic Dive. Check out www.freestyledivers.com - good bunch and good fun.

The site had a winter problem (2008/2009) with Red tide - but thats all cleared away now - leaving clearer water and larger fish!!

 Freestlye Divers along with Al Boom Diving do Dhow trips from Dibba Harbour to the OMan Musandam whcih also hosts some excellent dive sites. Whale sharks seem to be appearing on most days dives and the whole area is packed with Rays, Eels and every tropical fish you can imagine. Visibility is usually OK. Never excellent.


(Incidently Dibba, although a small, boring town is owned by 2 of the UAE emirates (Fujeirah and Sharjah) and by Oman. The Dhow trips are all from Oman, include 2 dives and food and usually take all day (9.00 am to 6.00pm). To cross the border into Oman you will need your Passport. Other dive sites on the Fujeirah shoreline include Inchape (32m wreck dive. Small boat that hosts large Morays, lion fish, scorpion and stone fish and huge shoals of snappers. Visibility only OK. Martini Rock, the Pinnaacles and Inchcape 2 are other sites worth a quick dive visit.