The old city center of Zaragoza is not large but has much to offer. Visitors can take much of it in, if not all of the old city by foot. If you’re looking to head out a bit then the Bono Bus is probably the best bet. It will get you to most destinations rather quickly and the fares are quite affordable.

If you’re heading further out or looking to get back to your hotel late at night then a taxicab is probably the best move. Cabs aren’t as plentiful in Zaragoza as they are in many other European cities, but that doesn’t mean you should have too much of a time trying to get one. Cabs will be available at many of the larger destinations and attractions as well as at many hotels. Hailing a cab on the street can be a bit trickier, but you’re still bound to have offers for ride. Just be sure to agree upon the fare before beginning your trip.

For day trips and to see sights in throughout Aragon you may consider renting a car. The roads outside of the towns are well traveled, but traffic can be light in many parts. The roads in this part of Spain are well maintained in most parts.   Be sure to watch for aggressive drivers and be warned that some of the roads aren’t as well marked as they could be. To rent a car in Spain you won’t need an international driver’s license but you must be over 21-years of age. Rental cars are available at the airport and in the city center.