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Arts and Culture in Singapore

Visit Singapore Art Museum, The Esplanade, Singapore River and Fullerton Hotel.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 7.1 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Singapore is a multiracial city with a mission to nurture the arts and make it an integral part of the life of the people.

One good... more »

Tips:  You can have lunch right at the museum, or take a taxi to The Esplanade and have lunch there, where you will be spoiled by options.

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Points of Interest

Located in a former Catholic boy's school, the Singapore Art Museum showcases the largest collection of contemporary art from Singapore and all around Asia.

It is a beautiful building that reflects the past through its architecture, and the present through a large public collection of modern South-East Asian artwork.
71 Bras Basah... More

This is Singapore's venue for performing arts.

It comprises the Theatre and a concert hall, where you can find world-class performing spaces where local and international artists perform.

The building has an unique architectural design, with its distinctive twin shells similar to a durian (Asian fruit) or the eyes of a fly.

It is located in the... More

This is the most famous river in Singapore, where Raffles started his first trading port. It's filled with history, but most important with art.

Across the river, you can see the Central Business District of Singapore, where high skyscrapers contrast with the small shop-houses from the early 19th century.

Take a ride on a Bumboat around the... More

4. Sir Stamford Raffles Statue

This white poly-marble statue, resembles Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder and Father of Singapore. He came to Singapore in 1819 to establish a British trading port.

With his vision and planning, Singapore transformed from a fishing village into a cosmopolitan city.

This suspension bridge is the oldest in Singapore.

It's a pedestrian bridge that links the civic district with the commercial district of Singapore. The bridge is made out of steel, with lighting in the night, to accentuate its beautiful architectural features.

6. People of the River Sculptures

Along the river you will find various groups of statues called "The First Generations" reflecting the life of Singapore in the early 1900s. One of them is a group of boys jumping into the river, careless, naked, as if the river was their playground.

Another one is a group of Singapore's own breed of cats, named "Kucinta," playing freely in a... More

Across the river, after "The Merchants" sculpture, you will find United Overseas Bank Plaza, which has sponsored some art in the river, and there you will find a sculpture made by Botero, "The Bird," and another by Salvador Dali, "Homage to Newton."

This a building full of history, but most of all, beautiful architecture.

Through history the Fullerton Building has been used as a Fort, Post Office, Club, Hospital, government office and later in 2000, after renovation works, The Fullerton Hotel was officially opened.

The building has neo-classical architectural features, and it was crafted by... More