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Warners Bay to Mt Myall on Aussie Great North Walk

Sample New South Wales' industrial history on this pleasant hike from Lake Macquarie' northern tip to the Watagan's edge
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 8 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  WARNERS BAY TO WALK MT MYALL: 12.8 km (easy)
From Warners Bay stroll along the shore of Lake Macquarie around Speers Point to cross... more »

Tips:  Access from the train at Teralba or drive to Warner's BAy or Wakefield. Download EZ Guide to Great North Walk and downloadable... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Lake Macquarie

The Great North Walk follows the northern edge of Lake Macquarie form Warner's Bay to Teralba. This is a modern cycle/walk way with plenty of room and great views.

In Warners Bay there is bed and breakfast accommodation at Warner's Bay Bed and Breakfast with three rooms, one with ensuite and two with a shared bathroom. A hearty full English... More

2. Five Islands Bridge

In February 1973, a new bridge was built over the Five Islands at the mouth of the creek, this one, to replace the 1899 Watkins Bridge, over there. The latest work, which was finished in 2007, was to widen the road between the two roundabouts at Booragul and Speers Point from two lanes to four and, at the same time, create a divided highway. This ... More

3. Great Northern Hotel, Teralba

One claimed origin of the name Teralba is due to Capt James St John Ranclaud. He may have named his land-granted estate of 914 acres (370 hectares) ‘Trialba’ from the Latin (tri albus) meaning ‘three white things’ possibly referring to three local mountains. The other idea arises from the Aboriginal ‘Tool-kar-bar’ meaning a soft ti-tree place.

... More

4. Teralba Quarry

Teralba was growing very fast, virtually all on land leased from the Quigley family and at such a speed that it seems to have changed with each new organization that moved in: a camp was constructed for railway workers near to the Amos and Company quarry.

5. Mine sites now flower-filled

In 1886, the first permanent school in this area was established at ‘Gravel Pits’, then at ‘Glen Mitchell’ in 1889 and finally in April 1891 at ‘Teralba’ without ever moving. The post office, which opened on 1 January 1885, although on the same street, was said to be in ‘Winding Creek’ and the police station that opened in 1886 was called ‘Billy... More

6. Wakefield

Wakefield is today a small village surrounded by horse studs and orchards.

7. Trail ascends

After leaving the road the trail becomes rougher and begins to ascend quite quickly. This is a well-used 4WD track so take care to listen for approaching vehicles.

8. Richmond Vale Railway & Colliery Museum

Richmond Vale Railway Museum and Richmond Main Heritage Park: this private railway operated from 1905 to 1987 and once conveyed miners between the Pelaw Main and Richmond Vale collieries. It used Australia’s last operating steam railway — steam-train rides are available on the first three Sundays of each month.
Richmond Main Colliery, once the... More