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Cashel Heritage Guide

Cashel, the 'City of the Kings,' is regarded as a great heritage jewel on this island.

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Overview :  Cashel is known as the “City of Kings” and has witnessed some truly remarkable events that have helped shape Ireland. It was in Cashel... more »

Tips:  Tipperary weather can be changeable so make sure you bring an umbrella and rain gear. Good comfortable sturdy footwear will serve you ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Heritage centre/tourist office

The award-winning Heritage centre provides a large scale model of Cashel in the 1640s highlighting the lessor known treasure of the town. Charters dating from 1663 and 1687 are on display. Free admission. Accommodation reservations and tourist information for both the historic town and Tipperary are available.

Opening hours: March - October 7... More

2. Croke memorial

Memorial to the late great Archbishop Croke, a great believer in sports and nationalism.

3. Cashel palace

The most elegant building in Cashel with an intriguing history and apparently the home to Guinness no less!

Cashel Palace Hotel,
Main Street,
Cashel 062 62707

4. St. John's cathedral

The Cathedral Church of St. John The Baptist was built to supersede the Cathedral on the Rock. the new foundations were laid in 1759 on the site of the Medieval Parish Church of St. John the Baptist.

5. The Bolton library

The library is now housed in the Chapter House situated in the grounds of the Cathedral Church of St. Patrick's Rock and St. John the Baptist in John Street, Cashel. The collection contains a wide range of subjects and includes a 12th century manuscript, the Nuremnberg Chronicle and works by Dante, Swift, Calvin, Erasmus and Machiavelli. Also on... More

6. St. John the baptist church

Opened in 1795, Cashel Parish Church is one of the oldest Catholic churches in present day Ireland. The church was built on the site of the Franciscan Friary. The original structure was a plain rectangular building, divided into three sections at ground level, resembling the basic plan of an ancient Roman basilica.

7. Bru Boru heritage centre

Bru Boru is a national cultural centre at the foot of the Rock of Cashel. This cultural village is designed around a village green and is a home to the study and celebration of native Irish music, song, dance, theatre and Celtic studies. It has a folk theatre, genealogy centre, restaurant and other amenities. Bru Boru traditional group have... More

Iconic landmark overlooking Cashel,recently visited by the Queen of England. It's huge, it's complex, it's iconic, there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. The Rock of Cashel (Carraig Phádraig), more formally St. Patrick's Rock, it is also known as Cashel of the Kings. Reputedly the site of the conversion of Aenghus the King of Munster... More

9. Dominic street

Home to both the impressive Dominic abbey and must see Folk village. Folk village Dominic Street, Cashel 062 62525 Cashel Folk village is a series of informal reconstructions of various traditional thatched village shops, a forge and other businesses, together with a penal chapel situated in a confined area.

Thank you for taking this brief guide ... More