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Faråni sculpted riverbed

Discovery of the polished riverbed of the Faråni river - with its many potholes, waterslides, waterfalls and canyons.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2.113 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Faråni riverbed is no tourist attraction. You may rightly wonder why - the sculpted riverbed is a magnificent sight matched be... more »

Tips:  Beware the river may flood unexpectedly. Or at least that is what the hydropower company Otra Kraft claims. In practise, flash-floods ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Upper Faråni riverbed

This part of the riverbed has many smaller potholes and polished pools. There is also a pothole-arch where you can dip under into one hole and resurge in the adjacent.

A bit down, the river has followed a natural cleavage in the baserock and made it into a steep gorge.

2. Waterfall pothole

The waterfall pothole is perhaps the highlight of this guide. It is more than deep enough to dive safely into and testimony to the tremendous forces that have formed the riverbed.

From here on, the canyon becomes steeper. Many more spectacular potholes await you, but you should not continue if you are not a mountain goat. Do not bring young... More

3. Rjukan canyon

Here the riverbed becomes increasingly steep - and the potholes more spectacular! Pull off an O' Sole Mio in the arena pothole. Check out the watermill and the remains after the water-lead to the mill. The ropes and bolts are part of Brokke Event's canyoning activity.

A couple of years ago, the author of the guide found a 30kg, 50cm aluminium... More

4. Big parking

The big parking is popular on hot summer days. I hope you now know why! Many come here to light fires and have grill parties. If you do so, please use an existing fire place, sheltered and well away from the forest.

From here you can walk back to the car on the main road or follow the old road back, as we have done here.