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Ballyhourigan Woods Loop Walk

A pleasant 9km forest loop around the shoulders of Keeper Hill, Co. Tipperary

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 5.592 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  Keeper Hill is situated in the Slieve Felim mountain range in North Tipperary and is just 15km east of Limerick City. At a height of... more »

Tips:  Directions to Trailhead
From the M7 Limerick-Dublin motorway, take Exit 28 and follow the R503 to Newport. At the cross in the centre... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Doonane Trailhead

From the village of Toor, follow the road in the direction of Newport. After 2km turn right onto a minor roadway and follow the Trailhead signs to reach the trailhead at Doonane.
Starting from the car park follow the purple (and red) arrow northward along the laneway. The red arrows are for the longer trek to the top of Keeper Hill. After almost... More

2. Ballyhourigan Woods

Ascend along the forestry roadway in the direction of Keeper Hill. The path underfoot is mostly well worn forestry track and is very comfortable to walk on. After 3km the loop and trek separate at a 3-way junction. Here you have the choice of turning left and following the red arrows to the top of Keeper Hill - the return journey will take you... More

3. Ballyhourigan Woods/Keeper Hill Junction

Continue to follow the purple arrows along the forestry roadway. Note that you are also following yellow arrows which are for the long-distance Slieve Felim Way. The loop sweeps south and descends to the townland of Boolatin - passing en-route a stone sweat house. After 4km you regain the trailhead.